Mind Provoking Ink

One drop black liquid

Starts it all

One story any life

Any man woman or child

Time settings to city or state

Countrys of the globe

Too many minds

Looking at the ink

Start thinkin of the past

Can i learn from those

Who came before me

I wasn’t born of war

But war still thrives

Knowledge of those who died

Not just poets give me

The will to write

True writers of the art

Who had that experience

No i’m not dropping names

Learning at my pace

Glancing at Author images

At the end of a book

Absorbing themes like poverty

Death by hunger

One man was a soldier

Died before fulfilling his mission

Mothers who lose their children

Rejected it through

Their intuition

Parentless childdren

Of the street

Some are found

Their lives turned around

For the better

The others

Become thieves

Their only survival

Think quick

On their feet

Constantly having sumthing

Up ya sleeve

I know theres those

Who are unfamilar

Of not having much

Imagine being used to

Your lifes daily routine

Then one occurrence

Changes the way you lived

You now thinking

How am i gonna

Feed my kids

Food i dont know

Where it is

How did it come to this

Would you be able to

Start over

Or keep

Making a wish.

Kane Spade 2013